The 1998 Mercedes S70 AMG


The W140 S-class (produced 1991-1998) has by many been described as the best S-class ever made, and it’s also considered by a lot of people as the most solid Mercedes-Benz ever built. Until the W222 arrived in 2013, the W140 was also the largest S-class to see the production line.

Based on the flagship S600L model, the S70 AMG is a very rare sight. One of the reasons is probably because it was never an official model launched by Mercedes/AMG, they were only delivered on special order. The 7.0 litre 496hp V12 AMG engine is practically the same as the one featured in the 2001 supercar Pagani Zonda S, making the S70 AMG a top of the line luxury cruiser with supercar powers. Rumors say only 123 of these AMG M120 E70 engines were ever built, and of these, only 18 found their way into a W140 body.

This particular S70 AMG is now located in Norway after it was imported from Japan in January 2015. It has since then gone through a total recondition and every part that needed attention, both mechanically and optically, have been replaced. Some parts that didn’t need replacement have also been replaced, only for future reliability and peace of mind. The car still has original factory paint(100-170mµ) except hood and some plastic parts, so it is very likely it’s been accident free since new. It currently has ~138’km on the odometer.

Being a revised model year 1998, this car doesn’t suffer from the common problems of the W140 earlier model years, which were often affected by the crumbled “environmentally friendly” wire harnesses, leaking evaporators, transmission problems etc.

Here’s a list of the maintenance that has been done to this car during 2015/16:

  • Complete engine teardown down to block including two new AMG head gaskets, machined heads, new timing chain and tensioner, new gaskets and rubber all the way up
  • Replaced all engine and transmission mounts
  • New shocks all around, including hydropneumatic rear SLS system with new spheres
  • New brake discs rear, new brake pads on all four wheels
  • Replaced some worn suspension/steering parts
  • New front flex joint disc, new gasket between engine and gearbox
  • Flushed gearbox, new filter and oil
  • New original Bosch front light lenses with right lane driving light pattern.
  • New parking sensors, all 10 replaced.
  • New Varta Silver Dynamic 100A battery